How to Hack Wifi Password - Using Kali Linux

Advance Technique To Hack Wifi


1. Start a fake AP with same name as target network.
2. Disconnect a client.
3. Wait for them to connect to the fake AP.
4. Automatically display a page asking for network key.

Advantage – no need for guessing.




5. User have to connect to open fake AP.
6. They have to enter their WPA key in a web page.

Evil Twin Attack

Fluxion allow us to run Evil Twin attacks automatically, it will automatically do
all of the following:

1. Start a fake AP with the same name as the target network.
2. Start a web server with a fake login page.
3. Disconnect all clients from this network.
4. Display this login page once a client connects to the fake AP
5. Check the entered password and make sure its the correct one



GO TO terminal and type commands :

# git clone

# cd fluxion

# cd install/

# bash

==================NOW WE CAN START HACKING :====================



All right now that we have Fluxion installed Let’s see how we can use it to run an evil twin attack
So first of all you want to navigate to the location where you installed Fluxion.

# cd fluxion


So we’re going to do a CD or Peetie Fluxion I’m going to do ls to list.

# ls


And like I showed you in the previous lecture the file that we want to run is this executable.


#chmod +x

# bash

on the first thing that it’s going to do is it’s asking me to select the language that I want to run the program with.
Now I want to run it in English so I’m going to put number one because that’s the number that corresponds to English.


# 1


and now it’s asking me whether I want to look for networks on all channels or on specific channel.
I want to look for networks on all channels and therefore I’m going to put again number one


# 1


once you see the network that you want to target just click on this window and then do ##Control-C##
to go back to Fluxion.
Now you can see fluxing on is shown me the networks that I can target and the one that I want to target.
Like I said is this your PC network and you can see you are using WPA 2 on channel 1 and its ID is number
three. so


# 3


now its asking me which method I want to use to generate the fake access point.
So when I was doing this manually remember I said host APD is the tool that all the tools or all the
other scripts used to create their fake access point,
other scripts used to create their fake access point,
And the second option will use airbase ngi which are actually covered that as well.
So I’m going to go for number one to generate the fake access point and host APD.


# 1


That is asking me to give it the location where I stored my handshake.
The reason why it asks for the handshake because Fluxion will go for one extra step like I said and it will go and verify the password entered by the user.
So its going to make sure that the password is correct before it shows it to us.
Now you can you can skip this by pressing enter or if you capture the handshake like in my case of actually captured the P4 I’m going to give it to it so I’m going to say it’s stored in root and it’s called handshake zero on that cup.


path: /roothacndshake-01.cap



it’s also asking me if I want to try aircraft Engy instead of pirate to verify the handshake.




that’s going ahead now now the next step is it’s asking me to create an SSL certificate or search


# 1


We just had to do all these commands individually configure our web server individually and all that.
Now it’s asking me what I want to do right now for the attack if I want to select a web interface.
That’s the only option that I have.
So I’m going with number one and now it’s actually given me a number of interfaces that I can use.


# 1


So this is the interface or the web page that will be displayed to the target once they connect to our network.


#> 33


And now this is automatically going to start to fake access point for me.
It’s going to start DHP server at the end server.

and now when the victim input his password you will have captured on your compurter.