How To Connect Wifi Without Password – WPS Technique

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When you want to connect a wifi router,  But you have not wifi password. What did you do? Don’t worry Here we have written how to connect wifi without a password.

Just imagine you go to your friend’s house or you want to use a friend wifi internet. In this case how to connect wifi without password?

How to connect with router? Wps Best Trick to connect with Wifi router with Out Password

If you know about the WPS connection, Please skip this post this is not for you. Jump to another post.

Here you will get the simple trick. This trick knows as WPS connection. This post only for Education propose, don’t use for any illegal activities

This, not a hack, Just a trick/method to connect wifi without a password.

What is the WPS? Full form of WPS.

WPS (WiFi Protected Set-Up) Full form of WPS.  Yes, WPS is a function, the most router supports this function. Basically this is a way to connect a router without a password.

When a router has needed by you, this trick work. Means need physical access router. Which router you want to connect.

Connect wifi without password

Connect Wifi Without Password. Step by Step

Every router has a WPS connection button on the backside. This button is to help you connect with the router without a password. This is 30-sec process.

Step: 1   –   Go “setting” on your smartphone. –> Next “WI-FI” –> Next Click on “More” –> Next Click on “Three Vertical Dot” here you find “WPS Push Button”  Just Click on it.

Step: 2   Now, long press WPS Button backside of your router. Within some sec both devices is pair. Now you complete the full step.

Connect Wifi without password

This is a simple method to connect a router easily without password. When you forget your password and you need to connect to your router. Use this method

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