Google Digital Unlocked Certificate Review 2020

Last Update: May 22, 2020 By SAMEER

Hello Guys, In this blog we are talking about how to get Google Digital Unlocked certificate. You read this blog which means you are finding how to get this certificate? Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, and help grow your business or career.

Write this blog after complete this course and earn a certificate. Sharing my experience and also sharing some tips and tricks on how to complete this course. This blog special for the new digital marketer.

Here I am not sharing what’s inside this course just sharing the full process of this course and what we learn in this course.

I hope after reading this blog you understand the full exam process.

Google Digital Unlocked
Digital Unlocked Certificate - SAMEER MATHAN

What is the Google Digital Unlocked Certificate?

This certification is a full free course developed by google. We know that Google is the king of the internet.

Course google developed 2017 for beginner Digital Marketer. This course online & offline both option available, Online free but offline is not free.

The best course for the beginner digital market. Because this course is free and no pay any amount for course. My suggestion is to go online just requirement one laptop(computer) and internet connection.

How to get google digital marketing certificate?

Online Source: Click this link you can redirect the learning page. (For Online Click Here)

Offline Source: Click this link you can redirect the google authorized institute in your city. (Click Here) Registration Fee: INR 1500/- Per Person

Step by Step process:-

Google Digital Unlocked

After clicking online source link, you redirect the google learning page. Then next step is to click on the get start button and sign up using your email id.

Course divided 7 sections and 26 modules, Below I listed all sections.

  1. Take a business online – 4 Modul
  2. Make it easy for people to find a business on the web – 5 Modul
  3. Reach more people locally, on social media or on mobile – 7 Modul
  4. Reach more customers with advertising – 4 Modul
  5. Track and measure web traffic – 3 Modul
  6. Sell products or services online – 2 Modul
  7. Take a business global – 1 Modul

There is around 4 to 6 lesson in every Modul. Totally have 106 lessons watch video lecture kindle and check your knowledge. There is a quiz around 4 to 6 questions depends on the length of the video lesson. Compulsory pass this quiz for the next lesson. If you do not pass this quiz rewatch video lesson.

Complete all badges, Now time to take final Exam. Final Exam totally 40 questions, for pass need 32 correct answers 80% and above mark score.

If you do not crack this exam, after 10 hours to google give another chance to take this exam. When you pass this exam google asks you confirm your name. After you input your details google gives you a certificate download.

Every Certificate Have Unique Id Like –  STT RJ9 8EC My certificate id

Google Digital Unlocked Certificate Verify

Some Questions & Answer for Final Examination:

1) What’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?

2) Which are the first steps you should consider when constructing an online business strategy?

3) There are many ways you can improve the performance of your website from an SEO perspective. When it comes to link building, which of the following statements is accurate?

Google All Free Certification Course List And Link

Google Ads:-

Final Exam all question answer link here – Google Digital Unlocked Answer

Thanks For Read Full Blog.

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